Real Alternatives

Real Alternatives - Life-Affirming Support for Pregnant Women

About Real Alternatives


Real Alternatives is a nonprofit that has supported more than 250,000 women throughout Pennsylvania over the past two decades. Providing a host of pregnancy and parenting support resources, Real Alternatives has a life-affirming perspective to pregnancy and listens carefully to the concerns of women considering abortion, including those feeling pressured to get one.

Committed to a pro-life mission in situations of crisis or unplanned pregnancy, the nonprofit maintains a statewide network. In the 2015-16 fiscal year, Real Alternative received $7.2 million from Pennsylvania’s Department of Human Services in program funding. In addition to maintaining 95 centers statewide, it provides temporary shelter and no-cost parenting classes. The charity also maintains food pantries as well as furniture and clothing supplies as a way of ensuring that new mothers’ basic needs are met. 

A key conduit for women to receive free counseling is the 1-888-LIFE-AID phone line. Women nationwide can call this number and receive thoughtful, individualized support. In addition to Pennsylvania, Real Alternatives maintains operations in Michigan and Indiana, and has assisted in the start of other programs in 12 more states.